The Company

•   promotes activities which aim to improve the life and well-being of people who live and work within the Community Council area of Killearn;

•   preserves, documents and aims to improve the environment in and around Killearn;

•   provides help and finance to encourage good ideas and projects which meet our aims;

•   publishes a magazine, Killearn  Courier, to provide a platform for village communication.   


  How we operate

KCFC is a charitable company which comprises a number of separate autonomous groups, each with its own finance to carry out a community project.

Each group comprises volunteers who give their time to carry out the project of the group, which may involve planning, getting physically involved, fund-raising, and so on.

We welcome your feedback and new ideas. We also welcome advertisements and contributions to the Courier.

 For information contact us by writing to the address above,                or use our            .

  Join us

We encourage you to become a member of KCFC even if you do not want to participate in any of the groups. The more members we have, the easier it for us to raise the money required for on-going and new projects. Funding bodies look to see how strong our local connections are.

Who can join the company?


The Spring edition of the Killearn Courier is available on our Courier page.

Discover our new groups page here.

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