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Killearn Community Futures Company does not undertake any projects of its own. It provides services that progress the particular project of a group. It can provide seed funding to get a group started. As a charity, it can also provide all the benefits of a charity to the group, for example, helping the group access external funding and perhaps give some tax advantages. We always welcome new ideas for a group.

The company provides all the financial backup that a group requires in the knowledge that the general funds of the company are there as a backstop, but confident that its own funds are ring-fenced from the other groups of the company. It also provides a ready-made bank account for the group and a presence on this page to advertise the group. If the group has its own website this page provides a link. As the Courier is the company’s “house magazine” you are sure of a welcome on its pages. The group also gets free access to all the facilities of the Village Hall.

Interested? Have an idea? Need more information? Then please contact us using our form or by email.

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