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Killearn Community Futures Company does not undertake any projects of its own. It provides services that free-standing groups of the company can access to progress the particular project of their group. As a charity, it can provide all the benefits of a charity to the group. Many grants can only be accessed by a charity, and being a not-for-profit charitable company, it gives confidence to funders of particular projects. It also has tax advantages.

The company provides all the financial backup that a group requires in the knowledge that the general funds of the company are there as a backstop, but confident that its own funds are ring-fenced from the other groups of the company. It also provides a ready-made bank account for the group and a page on this website to advertise what the group is doing. As the Courier is the company’s “house magazine” you are sure of a welcome on its pages.

Anyone in the community who has an idea to improve the life of the community can form a group and approach the Board of KCFC and request that it  is taken on by the company.  The  Board will consider  the proposal carefully, and if it considers the project suitable and viable, it will take the project on.

Any proposal must fulfil the Company’s objectives:

a) to provide, in the interests of social welfare, facilities for recreation and other leisure time activity available to the public at large within the Community Council area of Killearn, Stirlingshire so far as lying within the boundaries shown coloured red on the plan annexed to the memorandum of association - "the Operating Area" - with a view to improving their conditions of life

b) to preserve, restore and improve the environment in and around the Operating Area through the provision, maintenance and/or improvement of public open space and other public amenities and other environmental and townscape regeneration projects, and in doing so, to seek wherever appropriate (but subject to appropriate safeguards to ensure that the public benefit so arising clearly outweighs any private benefit thereby conferred on private landowners) to carry out works of reclamation, remediation, restoration and other operations to facilitate the use for those purposes of land whose use has been prevented or restricted because of previous use;

c) to promote trade and industry for the benefit of the general public within the Operating Area;

d) to promote, establish and operate other schemes of a charitable nature for the benefit of the community within the Operating Area.

So if you have an idea for a project that will improve the life of the people of Killearn or its environment and can form a group of like-minded people with the enthusiasm to get it up and running, please tell us your plan using our form or by writing to us at the address above..