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The group Sustainable Killearn grew out of an environment event run by the Community Council and is now a working group of Killearn Community Futures Company. We are a very small band with very big ideas. We would love to hear your ideas and hopes for the village, and we are very keen to have new members.

So far we have hosted ‘Growing Green’ – a gardening and local food event and ‘Sustainable Communities’ – a local skills and diversity event. We have received grant funding for publicity and events and have A3 photocopy/laminating equipment, stationery and gazebos available to support all the groups within the village (you may have seen our gazebos at the Hoolie).

We will have a stall at the Country Market each month which we see as an opportunity to publicise new ideas, be available to answer questions, and get to know you and what you want from our group. We’ll also be able to hand out resources that we gather. A beautiful new village noticeboard will go up next to the Village Hall after renovations, purchased by Sustainable Killearn.

Along with other information, we would like to use it for ‘wanteds and offereds’ along the lines of freecycle, to promote a ‘skills token’ system, where people offer/request services in return for credits (used to be typical in babysitting circles) and to signpost events that promote the aims of the group.

 Please come and chat with us at the Country Market or email us, click here.